Conference Presentations

· Panelist, “From “They Put Me in Girl’s Pants” to Saturday Night Live: Chippendales and the Making of Modern Masculinity in 1980s America,” Organization of American Historians annual meeting (April 2022)

· Panelist, “It’s Not Working Out: Fitness and Inequality in the 20th-century U.S.” Organization of American Historians annual meeting,  (April 2020)

· Program chair, “Intellectual Traditions of Power, Protest, and Patriotism,” Society for U.S. Intellectual History annual meeting, The New School, New York, NY (November 2019)

· Panelist,”The Past and Future of Political Polarization,” and “Trumpian Themes in Context” and“Grappling with the Right” at Remaking Political History Conference, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (June 2019)

· Panelist, “History for the Public(s),” Wolfsonian Public Humanities Symposium at Florida International University, Miami, FL (April 2019)

· Panelist,”Sport, Fitness, and Free Market Anti-Intellectual Ideologies in the Late 20th-century United States;” Roundtable Participant, “Trumpian Themes in Context,” Society for U.S. Intellectual History, Chicago, IL (November 2018)

· Commenter, “A Safe and Sane Heartland: Fractured Spaces in Late 20th-Century Flyover Country,” Western History Association, San Antonio, TX (October 2018)

· Panelist, “Fit Nation?: Privatizing the Pursuit of Fitness in the Postwar United States”, Association Francaise des Etudes Americaines, Détailler l’histoire du capitalisme américain, vu d’en bas,  Nice, France (June 2018)

· Panelist, “Making Histories of Gender and Sexuality in the Digital Age;” “Classroom Wars: Language, Sex, and the Making of Modern Political Culture,” Berkshire Conference on the Histories of Women, Gender, and Sexualities, Hempstead, NY (June 2017)

· Panelist, “Another Women’s Movement: Creating Fitness Culture in Late 20th-Century America,” with Professors Diana D’Amico, Naomi Rogers, Elizabeth Singer More, “Pink Professionals: Working Women, Culture, and Reform,” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, New Orleans, (April 2017)

· Panelist, “Selves of Steel: Hard Bodies and Soft Souls in the 1990s United States,” with Anne Blaschke and Clayton Howard, “Politics, Popular Culture, and the Public Sphere,” America’s Newest History: The Nineties in Historical Perspective, Purdue University (March 2017)

· Panelist, “Forging a National Wellness Culture,” with Professors Lora Burnett and Anthony Chaney, on “As California Goes: The Golden State as Epicenter in Postwar Transformations in American Thought and Culture,” Society for United States Intellectual History, Stanford (October 2016)

· Panelist, “The History of History Teaching: Contested Instructional Leadership,” with Professors Jim Fraser (NYU), Jonna Perrillo (UT-El Paso), and Stacie Berman (NYU). Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, Providence, (April 2016)

· “Are the Culture Wars History?: New Comments on an Old Concept Roundtable” with Professors Stephen Prothero, Andrew Hartman, Leo Ribuffo, and Adam Laats, American Historical Association, Atlanta (January 2016)

· Panelist, “The Moral State: Character Education in Cold War America,” with Ronit Stahl, Leslie Ribovich, and Jon Zimmerman AND “New Books on the Culture Wars in Education Roundtable” with Professors Jonathan Zimmerman (NYU), Andrew Hartman (Illinois State University), and Adam Laats (SUNY-Binghamton), History of Education Society Annual Meeting, St. Louis (November 2015)

· Moderator, Plenary Session, “Little Magazines;” Panelist, “Making America FIT: The History of U.S. Wellness Publics and Their Problems,” with Professors Lindsay Bell (SUNY Oswego), Carol Horton (independent scholar), and Micki McGee (Fordham). Society for U.S. Intellectual History Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., (October, 2015).

· “Crafting Research-To-Writing Workflow,” Fireside Chat, American Educational Research Association, Chicago (April 2015)

·  Comment, “Unsettling Pleasures and Pains: Conservatism, Neoliberalism, and Intimate Labors,” American Studies Association, Los Angeles, CA (November 2014)

·  “Sex, Spirituality, and the Popularization of Yoga in Modern America,” Center for Religion Workshop, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (July 2014)

 “Cultural Feminism, Family Values, and Natural Motherhood in the 1970s and 1980s U.S.,” American Society for Environmental History, San Francisco, CA (April 2014)

  “One-Worldism, Bilingual Education, and Conservatism in Postwar California,” Organization of American Historians, Atlanta, GA (April 2014)

  “Historians Off the Page,” Roundtable participant, History of Education Society, Nashville, TN (November 2013)

  “Defining Family, Defining Nation: Gender and Patriotism in 1960s California,” Activism and Scholarship: A Conference Honoring Amy Swerdlow and Gerda Lerner, Sarah Lawrence Women’s History Conference, Bronxville, NY (March 2013)

  “Innovation Presentation: HealthClass2.0” AshokaU Exchange, San Diego, CA (February 2013)

  “In Defense of the Family: Parents, Teachers, Taxes, and Sex Education,” Society for United States Intellectual History, New York, NY [cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy] (November 2012)

  “Transformative Arts and Health Education: Promoting Health and Wellness through University-Community Partnerships and Culturally Relevant Narrative,” Imagining America Conference, New York, NY (October 2012)

  “Fear of a ‘One-World Child:’ Bilingualism and Conservatism in Cold War California,” History of Education Society, Chicago, IL (November 2011)

  “Culture, Education, and a New Interpretation of Proposition 13,” Power and the History of Capitalism Conference, New York, NY (April 2011)

  “Public Education, Family Values, and the Roots of the Culture Wars, 1968-1980,” Organization of American Historians, Houston, TX (March 2011)

  “Constructing Family Values: Parents, Teachers, Taxes, and Sex Education in Contemporary American” and Panelist, “How Historians Research, Write, and Publish: The Art of Crafting Dissertations and Books in Educational History,” History of Education Society, Boston, MA (November 2010)

  “The Secret History of Bilingual Education,” History of Education Society, Philadelphia, PA (October 2009)

  “Seedbeds of the Culture Wars: Bilingual and Sexuality Education in California, 1968-70,” University of Pennsylvania History of Education Conference in Honor of Michael Katz, Philadelphia, PA (April 2008)

  “Sex, Language, and ’68: School in the Changing Society of the 1970s,” Organization of American Historians, New York, NY (March 2008)

  “Sex, Language, and the State: Bilingual and Sex Education in California During the Long 1970s,” Social Sciences and History Association, Chicago, IL (November 2007)

  “School and the Seventies: Toward a Historical Narrative,” History of Education Society, Ottawa, Canada (October 2006)

  “One District and Diversity: The San Francisco Unified School District and Multiculturalism in the Post-Civil Rights Era,” American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA (April 2006)

  “’They Were Doing the Mexican Hat Dance’: The Lau Era in the San Francisco Unified School District,” Pacific Coast Branch-American Historical Association, Stanford, CA (August 2006)

  “Living Multiculturalism: Latinos and Bilingual Education in Late 20th-century San Francisco,” History of Education Society, Baltimore, MD (October 2005)

  “’Sex Ed… and the Reds?:’ Reconsidering the Anaheim Battle over Sex Education, 1962-69,” History of Education Society, Kansas City, KS (October 2004)